Be Good To Yourself
Being a relatively new virtual home based business owner has been a learning experience. Not so much the technical aspect but the ME aspect. I’ve been at the same corporate job for 29 years, 3 different office spaces and I don’t know how many desk moves I made during [more]
Blast Through Your Day With Time Blocks
Time. It’s the one great equalizer that all of humanity has. We all have 24 hours in a day. How we choose to use those hours is what separates us. Using time blocks is a way to get more done of what you want and need to do with less distraction and blast through proje [more]
About My Planner…
About My Planner… Normally I start shopping for a new planner in October or early November. Even though I’ve used the same planner for six years I always shop for another format. Just in case there is something new out there! A few months ago I resigned my 29 year [more]