3 Ways to Keep Your Social Network Strong


Facebook is a free and easy way to connect with those you know and love, as well as rediscover those you used to know.  It’s a great way to share, interact, and keep in touch with those important to you. We are going to cover three of the most popular social networking sites.

Reasons to use Facebook:

  • Keep in touch with friends
  • Reunite with old friends
  • Organize groups
  • Spread the word about an event


In the land of LinkedIn, the word connection means a person who is connected to you through the site. You can see your friends’ networks, and their friends’ networks, and then watch opportunities start to become available!

Reasons to use LinkedIn:

  • Build your brand and profile
  • Look for jobs
  • Find all kinds of valuable information
  • Expand your network


Twitter is a powerful way social network to exchange ideas and information. You can use Twitter to follow and share with your friends and family.  You can also follow your favorite authors, rock stars, businesses or other interests using Twitter.

Reasons to use Twitter:

  • To connect
  • To share
  • To stay in touch
  • To research

These are just three of the many options for keeping up with the people, groups or interests that you care about.  There is a whole world out there…get online and explore.

If you need help getting your feet wet please contact us and we will help you get connected!

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