5 Tips to Delegate


I know. It’s your baby. You’ve spent so many hours, late nights, missed family outings, pulled your hair out learning how to format that blog post and the list just goes on and on. And you want me to let go of something? Are you serious?

YES! Without any doubt this is absolutely necessary for any business owner serious about growing their business.


Small business owners need to figure out what tasks they should delegate. It’s not productive for owners to do tasks that they are not good at and do not enjoy. You have to look at how you spend your time and value how you spend your time.

Pocket Tip: Figure out which tasks are the ones that are adding value to your customers – not to the back end. Do your customers really care who formats and launches your newsletter?

The Power of the List

Business owners should focus on the tasks that generate revenue and outsource other jobs where they can. Start by making a list of all tasks you would consider delegating.

Pocket Tip: Make a list and decide which items can, with the proper training, be done by someone else.

Finding Your VA

Most people look at [delegating] and say ‘I can’t afford it,’” Shane said. But she added that it’s worth it to see if hiring others is affordable, even on a part-time basis.

Small business owners should seek recommendations for potential VA’s from others in their community. Your own business space is the best place to get referrals.

Pocket Tip: Figure out how much it will cost to hire someone part-time and determine if you could make that much more money by focusing on selling and interacting with customers.

Start out one task at a time

You may want to hold onto work and may not feel confident delegating tasks. Even after carefully choosing a VA, you may be uncertain about handing off responsibilities.

The trick to overcoming these fears is to begin by assigning others smaller tasks, Then, as your VA handles those assignments, you can grow the size of the tasks delegated.

Pocket Tip: Pick one or two things to delegate and do it. Even if it doesn’t get done right at first, it’s a beginning.

It’s time to let go

In addition to starting with smaller tasks, you must communicate your objectives clearly to your VA.

Identify the objective and set out a plan to check in on a realistic basis to see how it’s going. Make sure you communicate your expectations for ‘check-ins’ and what the team member should do if they run into a road block. And, last, get out of the way and let the person get it done.

Pocket Tip: Sit with your VA(via phone, Skype, email) you’ve delegated to do the job and explain why it’s important to your company’s overall operation. Tell them what you’re hoping they’ll achieve and then leave them alone. When your stress level starts declining and your revenue increases, you’ll be glad you took the leap.