Be Good To Yourself

Yoga 300x200 Be Good To YourselfBeing a relatively new virtual home based business owner has been a learning experience. Not so much the technical aspect but the ME aspect.

I’ve been at the same corporate job for 29 years, 3 different office spaces and I don’t know how many desk moves I made during all those years. Now that I work from home I know I don’t move at all some days.

Truth is some days I sit at my desk for five or six hours straight. No water. No food. No bueno.
So over the past two months I’ve developed some bad habits surprisingly fast. And they are starting to have a negative effect. I’m eating poorly and although I’m not gaining weight, I’m not feeling nourished. I’m tired much of the day even if I’ve gotten a full nights sleep. I drink coffee ALL day. That affects your sleep which affects your health.

Before I made the decision to quit my corporate job and work full-time at home, I thought I had asked all the “smart” questions I needed to ensure I knew exactly what I was getting in to.
Never once did I stumble on the importance of taking care of yourself. Think about it. Even though I had a 5-7 hour daily commute, at least I was out of the house and moving.

Things are going to change around here starting NOW! But how?

  • Yoga. I took my first restorative yoga class yesterday and I love it. It’s only once a week but it’s more than I’m doing now physically.
  • Food. I’m keeping a salad bowl alive in my fridge so that I have the base of a salad ready every day. All I need to do is add some protein, tomatoes and fruit if I want.
  • Time. I’m setting a timer for lunch time so I break for food. I’m also using my time blocks which are good for more than getting things done.

That’s a start. I never was an Olympic athlete before working from home and there is not really a good chance that’s happening. So I’m starting with a few easy fixes that I know I can maintain. Sometimes a little bit is better than a whole lot!

What can you do to add some goodness into your workday. Share your ideas with us in the comments below.

2 Responses to Be Good To Yourself

  1. I keep a bottle/jug of cold water on my desk, to make sure I keep hydrated. Sometimes I keep a piece of fruit on my desk, or if not, at least make sure I have fresh fruits in the house. Your idea of salads also works great for me. Not just greens though. When I prepare supper, I make sure I will have some kind of leftover salad for the next day. Things like coleslaw, potato salad, mashed butternut ensure I’m not always stuck with having a quick sandwich. And all I have to do is dish up a small portion into a bowl. Sometimes I also do some stretching while sitting on the chair. It’s not as good as standing up to stetch, but it helps keep the blood flowing.

  2. I just walk away. Sometimes I’m so determined to get it ALL done that I get a little anxious especially when trying to meet a deadline. I take 5 to 10 minute breaks every few hours so I don’t drive myself nuts. I’m still working on a reasonable finishing time for the day. That seems to be a bit more difficult but I’m working on it.

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