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The most popular choice for email management is through an email client. Gmail is highly popular, but it can be done with other online email clients as well. Since we primarily use Gmail I am going to focus on that email client. Gmail doesn’t require you to hand over your log in information. You can provide your virtual assistant (VA) with administrator access to your Gmail account. You can both be logged in at the same time. (Other online email programs may work a little differently and you may have to give your VA your log in information to access that email.)

Help With Organizing Your Email

Before you start the process, if you do not already have a good organized structure in place for your email, your VA will want to schedule a meeting with you to discuss and outline the way you’d like to have your email organized.

Now your VA can go in and begin the process of cleaning up your email, organizing your folders, labeling, tagging, flagging, whatever the system you use allows. Next they can create rules, unsubscribe you from, delete junk and unnecessary email, save your documents, images, and contact information to the appropriate record storage system and archive the emails you need to keep.

Read and Respond To Your Email

This is great time to have your VA help you manage your email allowing you to free up your valuable time and focus more on the tasks that you have to do. For some businesses, this can be 1-3 hours per day! VA In Your Pocket specializes in creating a Response Bank so that your VA can respond even to the more technical questions. This can be especially helpful for handling new client intake questions and pricing quotes. At the end of the day or at whatever interval you set, any emails needing your direct attention will have been flagged. This eliminates the need for you to go through each email and will result in a ridiculous amount of saved time.

If you give your VA access to your calendar you’ve just put this into super power mode. Your VA can schedule calls, meetings and appointments with reminders built in.

Going On Vacation? Sick?

No worries. We have you covered. Having a VA manage your email while you’re on vacation or sick will eliminate the worry about emails piling up when you get back. Not to mention the possible loss of revenue! With your VA doing all of the above, when you can get back your inbox will be clean and organized almost as if you never left. Imagine being on a vacation where you can actually relax and only worrying about where to get that bowl of chicken soup you want if you are sick!

Just let us know when you are ready to schedule a quick call to work out your personalized email plan!

 Email Management Made Easy

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