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Planner 270x300 About My Planner...About My Planner…

Normally I start shopping for a new planner in October or early November. Even though I’ve used the same planner for six years I always shop for another format. Just in case there is something new out there!

A few months ago I resigned my 29 year corporate job at the same organization. My last day was October 31st. Even though I went right into my Virtual Assistant business the very next day, for some reason I didn’t feel the need for a planner.

My thought process was I only have 3 clients so how hard could that be to manage. Well, a few months have now passed and I was really hurting to have a paper planner. I still have the same number of clients but I also have so many webinars, trainings, consultations and a personal life! The digital calendar wasn’t cutting it.
I love looking at a full-sized planner opened up on my desk in the morning.

Picture this. It’s very quiet and the house is dimly lit. I’ve just made my coffee, have my comfy robe and slippers on and I go sit down at my desk and turn on the lamp. There it is…my planner is open to today and I can see right there what my day is going to look like…for the most part!

What planner did I choose?

The planner I chose this year is from Tools4Wisdom

The Juicy Stuff:

  • It’s substantial in size. It’s letter sized and about 1in. thick
  • Uses very nice heavy paper
  • Entire section to put to paper professional and personal goals
  • Each month has:
  • monthly priorities masterlist
  • monthly calendar
  • daily calendar 6am to 10:30pm appointments
  • Listing of tasks and ideas for each week
  • Notes & Journal area

The Not So Juicy Stuff:

  • Size – Because I work only from home or occasionally the coffee shop or bookstore for a change in pace, the full size is perfect. If I were commuting or visited clients on travel often it wouldn’t be so great.
  • Tabs – There are no tabs separating the months. This wasn’t a deal breaker for me as my other favorite planner didn’t have them either…I added them.
  • Contacts – I would have liked a few pages to put contact/client information down. Again, not a deal breaker as that info is in my phone.

The Wrap Up

I’m basically a paper girl living in a digital world. I love my Google Calendar and I enter everything there too because I like the alarms. But I still like that quiet morning time with me and my planner!

Planners are a very personal choice. I hope this gives you a good reason to at least check this planner out. I’m not an affiliate for them nor do I have anything to gain. Except sharing it in the hope that it might help you. I’d love to know what planner you use or if you don’t how do you manage your personal and professional life. Please leave me your comments because I still love planner shopping!

6 Responses to About My Planner…

  1. Using a planner sounds very interesting. I use an electronic calendar called cozi (www.cozi.com) and just print my schedules from that,. I love it because it incorporates my life and work requirements all together. It has a calendar like Google calendar showing months, weeks and days, and task lists with email reminders etc. But you can also download menus and the info from that can be automatically fed into your grocery list. Your task lists can also be categorised into different schedules e.g. I can print my housekeeping schedule and exclude any business-related tasks i do inbetween. And if I assign a task to someone else, it sends them reminders. I print my schedules weekly, then update when needed and print just for the next day.

  2. Cheryl, I’m with you on being a paper lover. I’ll still write in a notebook instead of using something like EverNote and I have a huge calendar blotter on my desk that I use to schedule my coaching and training sessions. I’m with you I can see it all at a glance. The information is also online – the paper calendar is the best format for me for planning my schedule.

  3. Hi Cheryl, I have never been in the habit of using a planner, but sure wish I did. Now that I am working as a VA I realize the importance of a method to track my schedule. I am still trying to decide if paper or digital is the way to go.
    Thanks for such an informative post. I am now going to check out the planner you chose for this year.

  4. Jan, it can take several tries before finding the right fit! But when you do…it’s like the heavens opened up :)

  5. Yes Susan! Another paper lover. I also use mechanical pencils…I hardly ever pen something in my planner.

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