Working With A Virtual Assistant To Manage Your Blog

Blog Management 300x199 Working With A Virtual Assistant To Manage Your BlogHere we are at part three of our series, What Is a Virtual Assistant. Last week we talked about how to use your Virtual Assistant (VA) to help manage your newsletter. This week we are going to tackle how a VA can help you with Blog Management.

When I first setup my Virtual Assistant business I knew the importance of having a blog. What I didn’t realize was the power it would have when it comes to marketing my business and attracting new clients. I also didn’t realize how much time this all takes.

Blogging is not as simple as writing a 500-1,000 word post and hitting the publish button! There is a lot of hard work behind the scenes to make blogging that one post worth blogging at all and making a difference.

There are two sides to blog management: technical and content. Most of my clients use WordPress so that’s the platform I’ll refer to here. These tasks, however, can be used on whatever blogging platform you choose to use.


Remember, I’m talking about WordPress here but these tasks pertain to all blogging platforms.

  • Keeping WordPress Up-To-Date – Security is one of the biggest security issues with running a WordPress site so keeping the version updated is priority. I generally wait 1-2 weeks to make sure each version is stable. I also belong to a WordPress group that does their own testing of each update and gives us all a two thumbs up if it’s stable.
  • Back Up Your Blog – This is so important and is MUST before updating your WordPress software. There are many backup plugins and you could easily hand this off to a VA to setup or maintain for you.
  • Updating Plugins – Plugins add the shiny fun things to your site! The really good plugins update frequently to keep up with security fixes and maintain compatibility with different WordPress versions. This update process is simple, it just takes time and you need to watch out for them. At the same time you could have your VA delete unused or inactive plugins to help keep your site loading quickly. Now that I think about it…I should do another post for you on some plugins I use and frequently share.


There is a long list on the technical side. Keep the content creation on your plate if you can. You should be the voice of your business if at all possible. Your VA can and should pull it all together for you on the back end.

  • Blog Post Ideas – Your VA can get ideas for future blog posts based on your list of keywords or major topics.
  • Maintain an Editorial Publishing Calendar – Using a calendar can help you keep your content fresh and helps to prevent duplication of content ideas. Using Google calendar is an excellent tool to enable both you and your VA access to your ideas.
  • Formatting Blog Posts – This takes time to get it right. Assign this to your VA and then all you have to do is review and hit the publish button!Optimizing Blog Posts – I use WordPress SEO by Yoast but there are many other plugins to get this job done. Remember, all your images should also have keyword-rich title and alternate text.
  • Blog Content Bank – Your VA could keep a spreadsheet with all of your blog posts and content for future reference. Links should be included for use in other platforms such as social media updates.


I hope this list of blogging tasks helps you realize the benefit to you of hiring a Virtual Assistant with all of these time consuming but necessary pieces to blogging. It’s becoming more of a necessity to have virtual help in today’s business world than ever before. I could have used a VA to do all of this formatting, SEO, image searching and naming etc!

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